Speakers Bureau (on Hold)

Drive Electric Washington is committed to educating communities about electric vehicles. We host a speakers’ bureau with a variety of presentations offered by knowledgeable people with unique experience in electric mobility and professionally diverse backgrounds. Some of the topics include:

  • Electric Cars 101 – the past, present, and future of electric vehicles
  • Economics of Electric Vehicle Ownership
  • Environmental Impacts and Advantages of Electrifying Transportation
  • Future Mobility: Intersection of Electric, Shared, Autonomous, and Connected Vehicles
  • Charging Stations, Batteries, Range, and the Grid
  • Creating Effective, Cost-Efficient Workplace Charging
  • Creating Effective, Cost-Efficient Public Charging
  • Increasing Real Estate Values: Building for the Future of Transportation
  • Methods to increase EV sales in your area
  • Living with an EV: an owner’s perspective

Our speakers are ideal for large events, small groups, civic meetings, professional organization workshops, employee luncheons or schools. To schedule a presentation, please send an e-mail directly to [email protected].

Please allow five business days for a response to your request.