Drive Electric Washington Mission

Expediting transportation electrification in Washington by helping stakeholders coordinate and collaborate.


Drive Electric Washington works to convene partners,  offering education and resources to accelerate adoption of Battery Electric (BEV), and Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and technology in Washington State.

Success will be achieved through:

  • Sharing information about the resources committed or plan to commit to the development of BEV and PHEV policies.
  • The implementation and operation of programs/projects which advocate ZEV adoption.
  • Create discussions among the members about coordination of projects and programs to increase the effectiveness, and ensure equitable access to the population.
  • Education of partners, public and private policy makers and EV consumers about best practices for optimizing the adoption of ZEV for existing BEV and PHEV drivers and potential EV drivers.

Incorporated as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in June 2017, its mission is to facilitate the effective, coordinated development of A) ZEV policy; and B) use of resources committed by any individual or organization (private or public) for promoting the adoption of ZEV technology in Washington State. In pursuit of its mission,  serving as an information clearinghouse, forum, partner, initiator and/or coordinator
for educational, promotional, and policy activities deemed to advance the adoption of Electric Vehicles and deployment of an accessible, and equitable EV charging infrastructure throughout Washington State.